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    Whenever you list a home, both the buyer and seller will be looking to you, the professional, for ideas on what to do with their home before they sell and after they buy.-

    In most situations, they may wish to either repair a lock, replace a lock, install better security or just rekey the locks so that they are the only ones with keys to their home.

   Customers who have their locks rekeyed when they move into a home know that they are the only ones who have access to their home. 

    Please print out our valuable $25.00 Gift Certificates that you can give to your customer, who is either selling a home or buying a home through you. When you help them to defray some of the costs related to their home, they will thank you for thinking of them.

   Please contact us so that we may supply you with your gift certificates.

Please contact us at 847 259-9800

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