Allowing you complete control of your building is our goal. Whether you choose mechanical or electronic, from push button to proximity card reader to key fob, we offer it all.

Access Control Systems
  We offer a wide variety of access control products from the simple pushbutton type to complete, integrated systems, which are computer controlled, with download capabilities.

  At Expert Lock & Security, we feel that your peace of mind is the most precious gift that we can give to you. When your premises are secured with one of our systems, you can be rest assured that YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Mechanical Systems
  We offer a complete line of Simplex/Unican producat and installation. Access is granted to those who have the proper code sequence.

Electronic Access
  Working with manufacturers like IEI, Locknetics and others, we provide Electronic Digital Access Control. Most keypads will accept over 100 users and YOU can select the time periods that will allow access to each individual. Most of these systems are also downloadable to an audit trail.

Computer Controlled Access
  Our computer controlled products allow you to issue key cards or proximity key fobs to your employees and tenants, while providing each of them with a specific authorization code. You can control the time and place of entry as well as using the time clock function that some systems have to monitor employee or tenant activity. Talk about all of the bells and whistles! The benefits of each of these systems are endless, so please contact us for further information so that we can build your system for you.

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